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Assurance Technology offers office phone solutions through VOIP technology. A hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service can offer advantages over an on-premises system in many cases, especially for smaller businesses or companies which need to get up and running with a phone system quickly. In a hosted system, a third party company manages all of the day-to-day telephony administration, and manages all necessary equipment in their off-site facility. There is no need to purchase on-site equipment except for the IP telephones.

Once the decision has been made to deploy a hosted VoIP environment, consider the different types of providers. Most VoIP providers deliver your telephone calls over the public Internet, while others may offer greater control over the IP network, and may even manage the IP link to your company’s site.

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A good VoIP company can help you navigate through the options available to you, and there are many to choose from. Make sure and work with a VoIP company that represents more than one brand, and one who has tested VoIP providers for factors such as:

  • Quality Of Service
  • Ease Of Use
  • Stability Of VoIP Provider
  • Accuracy of billing
  • Feature Set
  • At Assurance Technology, we have done all this homework for you and are here to share our expertise and findings in order to reduce the time you need to invest in finding the perfect solution for your needs.

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With a business impact assessment - to help your company come up with a realistic business continuity plan that's based upon how your business would be impacted by a loss of service.
A maximum downtime assessment- Assurance Technology helps you assess what your maximum downtime can be before it adversely affects your business operations.
Risk assessment- We outline potential risks to your business and help you identify all areas of your company that might be exposed to threats from natural or man-made disasters. This helps you prioritize your time and capital resources.

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