Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Assurance Technology colocation services offer you global IT solutions in a local environment. We provide world class security and flexible infrastructure, network and finance solutions to help you expand your business and reach your clients faster, while supporting all your business and compliance needs.

IaaS has a multi-tenancy architecture and the service is purchased on a subscription basis. In the IaaS delivery model, Assurance Technology manages the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security and upgrades. Typically, the customer's personal data is copied to and from the virtual desktop during logon/logoff and access to the desktop is device, location and network independent. While Assurance Technology handles all the back-end infrastructure costs and maintenance, customers usually manage their own desktop images, applications and security, unless those desktop management services are part of the subscription.

Infrastructure as a Service is a good alternative for small or mid-size businesses (SMBs) that want to provide their end users with the advantages a virtual desktop infrastructure offers, but find that deploying a VDI in-house to be cost-prohibitive in terms of budget and staffing.

Security and disaster recovery are two very good reasons to look at DaaS.

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Our business continuity solutions will ensure that in the event of a disaster, you can quickly revive your network and that your employees can be back to work in no time.

The experts at Assurance Technology can ensure your vital data can be regularly backed up and if there's a problem your files can be restored in as little as 30 minutes. Our systems can take over as a virtual server to resume operations until bigger issues with your network can be resolved. We also offer remote server backup to keep your files and data safe and secure.


We've been on the leading edge of virtualization for over 12 years now. Let Assurance Technology help you implement the latest in Information Management.

While no one can deny the usefulness, productivity and versatile nature of Big Data, its growth in leaps and bounds has made it difficult to consolidate, store and process the data in question. DaaS is emerging as a convenient Cloud computing model that makes Big Data management for global enterprises easier. Considering virtual desktops at a golden moment in time where you can ask the question: what is truly the best fit for achieving our business goals and a happier, more productive team? Here are our top considerations of desktop virtualisation to help you put into perspective the rewards for your business:

  • Flexibility to work anywhere on any connected device.
  • Increased business agility with fast scaling, provisioning and changes to personnel and locations.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership, flexible cost model.
  • Green – efficient hardware usage with longer life cycle and freedom to change hardware independent of desktop.
  • Decreased management – centralised profile and change management.

newbrandAssurance Technology has been providing virtual infrastructure for over 12 years to the Mobile Area.

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