Vulnerability Assessment

Put your network to the test - the same way attackers will

No matter how much time you spend preparing your system for external attacks, you’ll never know how good your security is until someone tries to penetrate your network. We believe one of the best methods of testing your IT security is to try and compromise it the same way an attacker might.

This way, you experience all of the real-world learning that comes from dealing with a cyber attack, without the actual risk of data loss or network downtime.

The results and benefits of Penetration Testing from Assurance Technology include:

  • Network vulnerability report
  • Solutions and implementation for any discovered security holes
  • Business impact report for potential outcomes of an attack
  • Confidentiality agreement for all information gathered during the test

Don’t just hope that your security is good enough - know it is. With years of experience in the security field, we know what types of attacks to look out for. Call on the experts at Assurance Technology to use their knowledge of security exploitation for the good of your business.

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